HelpShip is committed to providing industry-leading shipping and forwarding services for domestic and international customers. We strive to save you hundreds of dollars by providing unique forwarding services that can be customized to meet your specific needs. We also promise you’ll speak to a real person every time you call…


  • Affordable Membership Plans

  • Low Shipping Rates

  • Absolutely No Hidden Fees

  • Manage Your Account 24/7

  • A Real U.S. Address (NOT P.O. BOX)

  • Flexible shipping options


FedEx International Shipping Services


How We Forward Shipments and Mail Internationally:

Our system is simple and easy to use so you receive your packages and mail with no hassle..

Sign Up To Receive A U.S. Address

Use your new US address that we’ll provide with your membership to start receiving & sending package from your HelpShip account.

Log Received Package/Mail and Send Notification

When we receive the package or mail, we log it into our system and send you an email notification to inform you that we have received your package. This information includes the sender’s name, approximate package weight and date received. With documents, we send you the type of document and the sender’s name (Upon Request).

Securely Store Package/MailParcel Forwarding

We offer storage services for all of our members free of charge up to 50 days. Your items will be stored in our 100% secure facility. Members are also able to make pictures/scan request and/or even a package/merchandise check (Upon Request).

Prepare Shipment Forwarding Parcel Forwarding
Request worldwide package forwarding of your stored packages and mail with a simple phone call, email or message from our website. We will prepare your packages and mail securely to decrease the risk of damage. We consolidate your purchases so you pay less for international shipping. There are many more mail consolidation options available to you than with other companies, for instance we can discard shoe-boxes and junk-mail, unwanted stuffing and extra bubble wrap. We are the pro’s at getting your packages prepared for international travel though, our rate of landing items unbroken is second to none!
Parcel Forwarding with USPS, Fedex or DHL
We only use the best mailing option, such as FedEx, DHL, USPS for all package forwarding services to ensure they reach you in the least amount of time and in the best condition. Once your packages/mail ships, we send you a tracking number.