• Start selling online today

    Are you looking to expand your business but don’t want the hassle of shipping?.. Sell your products online and watch your business grow! We’ll Help you Ship.


  • More ways to make sales

    By creating options of online ordering, you’ll allow people from all over the world to buy products from you and generate more sales.

  •  Simple pricing, Easy storage

    Don’t have the room to store your merchandise at your facility??.. No problem, You can have the products shipped to HelpShip’s secure location and have them shipped after you make a sale..

  • More ways to save

    When you use our shipping services, you can save up to 80% on shipping costs with the variety of shipping options to choose from. (DHL, FedEx, USPS)

Cheap International Package Shipping Services


Once you have sign up to become a HelpShip member, we’ll begin to receive your inventory and/or item you have purchased to store at HelpShip’s secured warehouse. Members receive a notification email when items arrive with the detailed sender information (Members can also view an inventory in their online account), Members can then begin selling from their website or online marketplace such as eBay, Amazon or even Craigslist.

Once the item is sold, members log into their online account and request a shipment by selecting the package and providing the destination address. Once a shipment has been made, you and your customer receive the tracking number for the shipment. Members can also view the shipment history and details from their online account.

By keeping your inventory in our warehouse, can quickly help you navigate the complicated world of international shipping. We’ll take care of the customs paperwork and find the best rates using our worldwide shipping partners.

Did we mention that your shipping costs could be up to 80% lower than standard shipping rates because your business gets to use our volume shipping discount?


1. Better Prices
– Most online stores offer prices that are much lower than what you’ll find at a physical store. Plus, you can easily browse through dozens of different websites to find the best price for a product.

2. Convenience
– Shopping online is convenient. You don’t need to get dressed and drive to your favorite store. You can easily visit their website, find the product you want and buy it without getting out of your home. If you work irregular hours or are very busy, then you probably don’t have the time to visit the store. Shoping online allows you to buy without hurting your schedule.

3. Variety
– Most physical stores have a limited array of products. They can only hold so many items, and there are many policies affecting the availability of products.

4. Discreet Shopping
– Physical stores often make it difficult to buy certain items, For example, buying lingerie without getting a few awkward stares is nearly impossible.

Shopping online allows you to find many products that you wouldn’t be able to find in a physical store and also gives you privacy because you won’t have other shopper looking at you while you shop

Why Should I Sell Online?

1. Less Overhead / Effort
– Because Selling online requires no storefront and reduces the amount of employees necessary to conduct business, there is very little overhead compared to traditional retailing.

2. More Customers
– Online business allows owners to reach a far broader customer base. Instead of merely catering to a local customer demographic, you can reach a global audience. You’ll expose your business to customers who might never have visited your traditional sales space.

3. Extended Hours of Operation
– Online selling gives businesses the opportunity to provide maximum hours of operation, increasing their profit margins. In today’s 24/7/365 world, customers can browse your goods or services whenever and wherever they have internet access.

4. Targeted Marketing / Unlimited Reach
– If you sell products online, your target market will be unlimited, you can easily tailor your ad campaigns around your designated demographic, Social media websites offer an inexpensive form of marking that gives business owners the advantage of word-of-mouth advertising on a grand scale.