What are your opening hours?

Customer Service Dept: 9a.m. – 5p.m. from Monday through Saturday. Shipping Dept: 9a.m. – 5p.m. from Monday through Friday.

Are you open during lunch hours? What about Saturdays?

Yes. We are open during our lunch hour AND Saturdays!

I can't get the magazines and catalogs I love in the United States because I live in another country. Can you help?

We offer our members an exclusive U.S. mailing address. With their address, our members are able to receive any number of catalogs and magazines in addition to merchandise shipments. Our staff repackages and forwards these items to our members..

Once I sign up for a membership, how do I order from U.S. companies that don't accept international orders?

Once you receive your HelpShip.com address, contact your credit card company and add it as a secondary ship-to or secondary billing address. Now, when you make purchases from U.S. retailers, your shipping address will match your records on file with the credit card company. All credit card companies should allow you to add the secondary address. If you encounter any difficulties, we suggest you speak to a manager at the card company. If you are still having trouble adding the address, please contact us for more suggestions.You can also use our Personal Shopper service to purchase from U.S. retailers. With Personal Shopper, we use our company credit card, company check, or PayPal account to pay for your merchandise. We then charge your credit card for the purchase.

Some merchants require a U.S. billing address...What can I do if I don't have one?

There are several option you can do: 1) Use our Personal Shopper services. Send us the information on what you want to buy, who you buying it from, and how should we pay the seller. We will buy it for you and charge your credit card for the cost of the item plus a small fees. 2) Contact your credit card issuer and request that a secondary address be added to your card. Use your new address as your secondary address. Most credit card companies will allow this.

Will you accept shipments sent to me by merchants and individuals?

Yes, we will accept shipments to your HelpShip.com address delivered by any shipping company, from any individual or merchant.

What kind of address do you give me for accepting mail at your facility?

HelpShip.com provides our members with a street address, not a P.O. Box. You will receive a complete street address with a unique suite number. Here is an example: American Access Robert Jackson Suite B1234 114 Community Park Drive Ste C Seymour, Tennessee 37865

How often will you forward my mail?

HelpShip.com gives our members complete flexibility with their shipment scheduling. When you begin your HelpShip.com membership you will choose your shipping preferences during the sign-up process. You can even specify separate preferences for documents and merchandise. Here are the standard options: We hold your items until you tell us to ship. We ship your items once a week. We ship your items every other week. We ship once a month.

Can I buy items from retailers not listed on your site?

Absolutely! You can buy from any retailers or individuals you wish. Many of our members have shipments sent to their HelpShip.com address from retailers that are not listed on our shopping page.

I want to order from Ebay but many sellers don't take credit cards. Can you pay on my behalf?

Yes, we can do this for you. We can pay by company check or money order (whichever you prefer). We also can use our PayPal account that is accepted by many eBay sellers.

Are your services available in the U.S.?

Absolutely! part of our business is customers that live in the United States and prefer to use our services for their mail and shipping needs.

Can a corporation get a HelpShip account?

Yes! An officer of the company must sign the USPS Form 1583. Also, a photocopied picture ID for that person must accompany the form..

Can I get an address in any state?

At this time we only offer US addresses in Seymour, Tennessee.

Can I get an even bigger discounter if my account is extremely large?

Yes, Of course. We will negotiate pricing.

Can you accept certified, registered, or Cash on Delivery on my behalf?

We can accept these types of mail on your behalf, however your explicit authorization is required. If you would like to authorize us to receive such items please write an authorization letter to us. Also, for COD items, you will be required to provide the funds in advance. To accept COD would be COD total amount plus 6%.