One of the reasons why you might benefit from the use of domestic forwarding is if you live in the United States but spend a lot of time on the road. A lot of RV travelers, in particular, use this type of “Recreational Vehicle Mail” service so that they can get their bills and their packages, and then have them forwarded on to them on a regular basis. This can help to ensure that you don’t miss any important mail and that bills don’t go unpaid.

In addition to people those who travel, there are many people who don’t want their mail coming to their home or place of business for other reasons altogether. For these people, it is helpful to have all of the mail kept at our Florida mail forwarding service for a certain period of time until the mail can be forwarded to another address. If you live on a rural route or in some area that doesn’t have access to regular mail service, this can be a very handy service indeed.

Domestic Mail Forwarding Services USA


International Mail Forwarding

International Mail Forwarding is perfect for you if you are a resident outside of the United States, or even if you are an American on an extended stay outside of the 50 states, you might benefit from using our international mail forwarding service. This is a unique service that allows you to still get all of your mail sent to you at an American address, but you can have it forwarded to you wherever you are located. HelpShip provide worldwide shipping to more than 240 countries.

International mail forwarding is very simple. Simply change your regular mail address to our forwarding address with the assistance of your local post office, and then each time you order anything online or anyone requests your address, give them our forwarding address. We will hold on to all of your letters AND packages until you request us to send them.

Another benefit of our service is that you can have mail that is sent to various parties also be forwarded to the same “virtual” mailbox. So if you have a company overseas, you may want all of the mail to go to one address in the United States, and even if it is addressed to different people, it will all go to your international-mail-forwarding account until you request it.

Another benefit of working with an international mail forwarding company is that if you tend to order a lot of products online, you can take advantage of free or discounted domestic shipping rates and then have us either forward the packages or consolidate them into larger packages. This will save you an enormous amount of money on shipping. Forwarding saves money!

Ideally, you should not have to pay much for international mail forwarding, other than a simple handling charge on top of the shipping fees that we will be charging. If you are having your mail consolidated and sent in packages, then there are handling fees associated with this service, but you’ll still save money compared to shipping each product individually to your location!