Sick of Online Shopping International Restrictions?

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Most people don’t realize how difficult it can be to conduct business outside of the United States, especially if you don’t have an American credit card, or more importantly, an American address, you may find that many companies won’t sell to you. Being able to get assistance with both online and offline purchases is just what a personal shopper service can do for you. If you are located outside of the United States, you simply log-in to your online account to use our personal shopper service and let us know what you would like to buy, from whom, and what method of payment you would like us to use.

Many times, publishers will not allow subscriptions to people overseas because of the high cost of postage and because it just doesn’t fit in with their business model. When you use our personal shopper service, we will be able to subscribe on your behalf, using an American credit card or PayPal, and an American address, and then we will forward the subscription to you when it arrives.

ebay Shopping Assistant

One of the most common uses for this service is when you are buying a product on eBay. Many online auctions will not sell to someone who is outside of the United States because it is too difficult for them to ship the product or because there is a high incidence of fraud abroad. When you use our personal shopper service, we will pay on your behalf, giving the seller a domestic address to send to, and then the product will be forwarded to you when it is received. By doing this, the seller is protected and you will not be prohibited from making any transactions just because of your physical address.

There may be times when you need to buy something offline (i.e. not on the Internet) but cannot do so because of your location. When this occurs, you simply contact our personal shopper service and again tell us what you need to buy, from whom, and how to pay for it. The service will take care of all the legwork and make sure that the product is sent to you.

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